I help you to turn communication into currency – monetary currency, social currency, and emotional currency.

I am a communication scientist who completed a doctorate in Disaster Management prompted by my interest in human/environment interaction. I believe that we are in constant dialogue – not just with ourselves and others, but also with our environment (not in a creepy way, though). In a more recent master’s degree, I explored ecocriticism in literature. Ecocriticism asks us to examine ourselves and the world around us, critiquing how we represent, interact with, and construct the environment, both natural and manmade.

So…that is the fancy-sounding part.

The real me…thinks, dreams, and speaks Afrikaans – so I have an accent, it is part of my brand. Occasionally content on this page may be in Afrikaans…it is what it is. Completing six degrees did nothing to alleviate my severe case of imposter syndrome – to the contrary! I also walk too fast, and love the smell of jasmine.

I got my first “typewriter” when I was five – was it a sign? Mostly, I’ll use this website to share my thoughts, communication tips, and stories too. Be sure to check the blog section out every now and then. It will be short, I promise. I love words too much to overuse their magic.


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