Doctor didn’t do it

Intra-personal communication – that is the fancy word for talking to yourself. And this is where all communication begins to go right or wrong.

I thought the day I graduated with a doctorate would be life-changing – because that is what I told myself. That this degree would fill all the gaps (spoiler alert – I completed two more degrees after this, so no gap-closing stuff happened).

Before communicating to yourself or to anyone else, you must ask yourself: What do I want? Then you go ahead and compose your message based on that need. So, before I told myself that gap-filling-life-changing story, I should have asked myself: “What do you want, Cindé?” Turned out NOT a PhD. Of course, I could still do the degree, but the story I told myself should have been different. More like “a learning experience” or “a career move”. Instead, I laid the heavy burden on that poor piece of paper to fill a spot that only a dog could 😉

Let us not get too deep here!

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