Where is the poop?

Many years ago, when I was the editor at passi magazine, we featured Gary Player – true story! He invited me and the photographer to his farm near Colesberg in South Africa. One of the most surreal experiences of my life. We had a one-hour slot, that stretched to a full day. We talked, walked, and even enjoyed lunch together.

I treasure many memories of that day, but one thing that stands out is: There was no poop! I noticed right away that this stud-horse farm was poop-free So either race horses did things differently, or…turned out that they did poop. But you don’t see it. The poop-scooper took care of it, sometimes even before it hit the ground, I think. So, there IS poop.

There IS blood, sweat and tears, lonely nights, bathroom floor tears, disappointment, failure, anger, and loss. Don’t be fooled.

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