How I got to here

Chapter 3 – if there is no photo, is it even real?

After three years of studying, I went to the UK on a working holiday visa. If you know what this is, you know how old I am because we are probably the same age 🙂 Here is the thing – I do not have a single photo of my time there. I remember some being taken, but I cannot find one. So, was I even really there? It is so long ago, I honestly don’t know.

After a lecturer told me in my third year that he knows my type and that I won’t get anywhere in life, I believed him. I cannot remember having any dreams and aspirations at that time. Working as a temporary bought-ledger data entry clerk, not much was expected of me anyway. I had to get the numbers right, and if I didn’t, the computer blocked the batch. The was no margin of error, because mistakes could not be made – not even if you tried.

Thanks to Google, I could find these images of where I lived:

And where I worked as a temp:

During that time, I developed a love-hate relationship with London like most other people I know who lived there for a while. I missed dry grass and red soil from South Africa the most.

After my time in the UK, I went back to South Africa and started entertaining the eternal student in my head. I was accepted into a master’s of communication programme, and, wait for it…still had no idea what or how a career in communication would look like or be. I would find out soon enough.

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