How I got to here

Chapter 4 – slowly but surely

Considering the time it takes me to publish these blogs, no wonder everything in my life took for ever to happen…

Back in South Africa after living in the UK for a while, I landed a sort-of-lecturing-sort-of-administration job. That would be the start of my life-long journey with education. To this day, I love teaching. Also to this day, I hate the administration thereof. My teaching skills could be a combination of nature and nurture because I come from a family of teachers. Below to the left are my grandparents who were both teachers. To the right, pictured with me, is my aunt – she was also a teacher.

During my early lecturing year, I began writing study material – first from need, then for money. Apparently I was quite good at it. Also born from need, I started writing commercial copy that soon turned into a side hustle (not that side hustles were a thing back in the early 2000’s).

And by pure chance, I landed a job as a magazine editor late one night in a pub. Someone accused me of poor communication and I made sure that EVERYONE knew I had a master’s degree in communication (wine does that…) – including the director of an agency who needed a magazine editor urgently.

Those were some of the best years of my life! More about that next time.

(All my jobs – lecturing, copy writing, editor, etc. – were part-time, but I gave it full-time attention. Showed up more, stayed longer, worked harder…not because I wanted a full-time job. To the contrary. I wanted the freedom of part-time employment so much, that I simply had to be the best at it. Today it is called the gig-economy, back then I don’t think it had a name.)

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